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Despina Mirou - Δέσποινα Μοίρου
Despina Andromeda Mirou,is an established Greek`American actress,writer,Stand-Up Comedian & Astronomer.We khow Despina from her films “Crimes of the Future”2022 by DAVID CRONENBERG”,in film “Life in a Day”2021 by RIDLEY SCOTT, she co-directed too,”On my Block” 2019 NETFLIX,”Show me a hero” HBO by Paul Haggis,”Laught Factory” 2017.Despina is member of QUINCY JONES Foundation,and she is member in DAVID LYNCH foundation in Los Angeles.

Despina began her dynamic career as a child actor,and she received two writing awards as a writer when she was 13 years old.
Despina Mirou is known for her performances across genres. Despina started her career while she was a child doing an improve stand up, she was discovered by the famous comic creator and writer Rena Rigga of the TV series ‘Akros Oikogenoiakon”.The following years Despina Mirou participated in many T.V series,10 Films and 10 classical theatrical plays like ;”The Odd Couple” by Neil Simon, “Uncle Vanya” by Anton Chekhov,e.t.c.
Despina Mirou the last 5 years moved to USA,she became American citizen, and she received 5 Awards ,at 2013 from US Congress for “Excellence in Innovations”,one award in 2018 “Audience favorite Stand Up Comedy Actress” from the Comedy Union,and in 2019 “Best Stand Up Comedy Actress Award”,”Women Shaping the world award “2019.Also, in 2019 Despina Mirou received an award from NASA Sky program about her research for “M31-Andromeda “.
Despina Mirou started her international career with Peter Bogdanovich”s film “The cats meow”.She participated in a masterclass with Al Pacino and took acting classes with John Strasberg.Despina Mirou played the character of Cassandra in the play “Oresteia” by Aeschylus , Off Broadway. she established a Stand-up career at various Comedy clubs in LA and NY, like The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, New York Comedy club.Her faces impersonations include :Lucile Ball,Joan Crawford,Sofia Vergara,Ozzy Osbourne,Judge Judy,Eminem,Penelope Cruz,Ariana Huffington, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor,Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many more.

Despina Mirou in 2015 took part in the HBO TV series ‘Show me a Hero” ,2016 In “Days of our lives”NBC,2018 in Sony Pictures drama ” A mothers sacrifice”, recently in 2020 NETFLIX ” on my block ” comedy series.
Despina Mirou pacticipated in 12 films in USA ,with great actors like Faye Dunaway,Michael Madsen,Laine Kazan,Daryl Hanah ,like comedy film “Nurses do it better “,”Vamp bikes Dos ” , and “Vamp bikes tres “,the comedy” The Proposal “,the drama “Vox influx”e.t.cShe has done 7 films for 2020 and new films that she start,like the drama film” American Conection ” with Faye Dunaway,the drama “Cleightchaltug “,the comedy “The light touch”,the “Tango Shallom “,a comedy film with Laine Kazan,the drama “Japanese Brotch “, the drama film “Still here”,the western ‘Damn her”.
Despina Mirou has studied “Film comedy director” working up to Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen films,and she received her diploma in Astronomy “Planetary Astronomy’ and SETI.
Despina Mirou - Δέσποινα Μοίρου