1: New Literary Association, 1st Prize, Poetry Award, EU
2:New Literary Association, 2nd Prize, Writing Award, EU
3:US CONGRESS AWARD,“Excellence in Innovation Award”, 2012 in White House,Washington DC,USA
4:Favorite Stand Up Comedy Actress Award 2018,Los Angeles, USA
5:Original Screenplay Award for future film “UnWritten”2018,Los Angeles, USA
6:Best Stand Up Comedy Actress Award 2019,Hollywood ,Los Angeles, USA
7.’Women Shaping The World Award“,2019 Washington DC, USA
 8.”Woman of the Year Award“.on 8 March 2020 Hollywood ,Los Angeles, USA
9.”California Legislature Assembly -Certificate Of Recognition” ,2020,State of California, USA
10.”Best actress award “in film The Light Touch ,Maverick film Festival 2019,USA
’11.”Audience Choice Award“for “Japanese Borscht”,in New York Film Fastival,2019,USA
 12. “Best future film award “,winner with the future film ” The light touch “,September 2020,Sweden EU
13.“Best Comedy Future film “,with the film”The Light Touch”,July 2020,Chicago, Canada
14.“Best Comedy Future film “,with the film”The Light Touch”,January 2021,Malta ,Italy EU
15.“Best comedy film,with the film Tango Shalom”,nominated in San Diego Jewish film festival,2021 California,USA
16.“Critics Choice Award”,with the film Tango Shalom”,winner  in  Jaipur film festival,January 2021,INDIA
17.“Best comedy film,with the film Tango Shalom”,winner  in Charlotte Jewish  film festival,2021 N.Carolina,USA
18.Best future film world premiere “Life in a Day ”  ,by Ridley Scott ,Sundance film festival, 2021 ,USA
19.“Best Comedy Future film “,with the film”The Light Touch”,Rome film Festival,January 2021,ITALY
20.“Best comedy film, for the film Tango Shalom”,winner  in Montreal film festival,2021 CANADA
 21.Artificial Intelligence certification in  EduBA & A.I .EETN & Laskaridi foundation(Artificial Intelligence association EU)
22.NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY wins  SILVER TELLY AWARD for “DEAR EARTH”  for the Benefits of Clean and Unlimited Space-Based Solar Power to Our Planet,USA
23. National Space Society nominated SpaceX for the ‘2021 Collier Trophy “based on the achievements of the Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft.USA
24.“Best Screenplay” in Brooklyn Film Festival,New York,June 2021 USA
25. “Audience Award” at the “Rabat Comedy International Film Festival ” for Tango Shalom,USA,June 2021
26.“Honoring award “to Despina Mirou Greece,in Soulfi minister of Thrace,Soufli GREECE 7 August 2021
 27.’Jury Award Best Story”for Tango Shalom in Long Island International Film Festival,NEW YORK 22 August 2021
28.“Honoring Jury Mention” fot Tango Shalom,NEW DELHI ,INDIA ,2021
29.”Best Sound Design”,for comedy film TANGO SHALOM,“Madrid International Film Festival” SPAIN,September 2021
30.“Best Costume Design”,for comedy film TANGO SHALOM“Madrid International Film Festival”,SPAIN,September 2021
 31.“Best Supporting Actress”for comedy film TANGO SHALOM“Madrid International Film Festival”SPAIN,September 2021
32.“Best Director “for the future comedy film TANGO SHALOM“Madrid International Film Festival”,SPAIN,September 2021
33.“Best English Language Feature Film”.for the comedy film TANGO SHALOM in “Madrid International Film Festival”,SPAIN,September 2021
34.“Honoring award” FROM  UNESCO” and  Mr.Gandhi,September ,GREECE 2021
35“Best Actress”, in drama film “Despina’s Boulevard “ directed by Clinton Siegle, in “Rand film festival”,GERMANY ,September 2021

36″“Best Actress”, nominated in drama film “Despina’s Boulevard “ directed by Clinton Siegle, in Lift Off Film Festival,LONDON,Septmber 2021

37″Best Actress” & “Best Director”nominated in drama film “Despina’s Boulevard “ directed by Clinton Siegle, in ‘First time Filmaker Festival”,Pinewod studios LONDON 16 September 2021

38.”Best Actress” & “Best Director”nominated in drama film “Despina’s Boulevard “ directed by Clinton Siegle, in “Noble International Film Festival” INDIA,September 2021

39.”Best Director” for the  film “Tango shalom”,in  “Golden Door Film Festival”,Sorvino,October 2021

40.”Best Director of Ptotography ” for the  film “Tango shalom”,in  “Golden Door Film Festival”,Sorvino,October 2021

41.“Best Jewish Comedy Award”,for “Tango Shalom “, in the “2021 American Jewish Film Festival”,USA ,November 2021

42.“People’s choice Award”,for “Tango Shalom “, in the “2021 American Jewish Film Festival”,USA ,November 2021

43.“Overall winner of the 2021 Jewzys“for “Tango Shalom “, in the “2021 American Jewish Film Festival”,USA , 2022

44. “Best Actress”,winner  for drama film, “Despina’s Boulevard “ directed by Clinton Siegle  in ”Lift «Global Network Film Festival»in Tokyo,JAPAN 2022

45. “Best Actress”,winner for drama film, “Despina’s Boulevard “ directed by Clinton Siegle  in Noble International Film Festival 2022

46. “Best Actress”, winner for drama film, “Despina’s Boulevard “ directed by Clinton Siegle  in Fear Fair Film Festival 2022

47.“Tango Shalom“,official selection premiere & screening  CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2022,by Vision films,France 2022

48.“Best Director”, winner for new drama film, “Despina’s Boulevard “   in Shoot4Earth Film Festival , 2022

49.”NETFIX is a joke “,honoring Stand Up perform, for  NETFLIX live,is a joke festival, USA ,5 May 2022

50.Το βραβείο μου από την UNESCO, τον σπουδαίο συνθέτη Παναγιωτη Καρουσο.Στο Ζάππειο είχα την τιμη να ερμηνεύσω τον «Παρθενωνα» του Κωστή Παλαμα, σε μελοποίηση του κ.Καρούσου.27, June 2022,Greece

51.“Tango Shalom “ nominated and screening in Maui Film Festival on Sunday , July 10, 2022 at 6 PM,Maui Hawai

52,53,54. «Tango Shalom» win 3 awards at Dubai Film Festival 1.Honorable Mention 2.Best Screenplay3.Best Soundtrack December 2022 Dubai

55. “Destinies” directed by Nick Christofers is nominated in the Los Angeles FILM FESTIVAL 2023,USA

56.”Despina’s blvd” win at the Russia film festival, Director Clinton Siegle 2023,

57.“Honoring Best actress award” in Cannes Film Festival 2023,Cannes,France 2023

58. «Dreamer»Finalist out of 13,000 films.Among the films from 120 countries competing.We receive special access to distribution on Amazon . SWIFF is a Distribution Partner of Amazon! June 2023,Volivia

59.“Unesco honoring award” to Despina Mirou 24/6 2023 ,Athens Greece

60. Future  film «Destinies»by Nick Christopher’s nominated at the “Las Vegas Film Festival” 2023 Las Vegas

61. Venice Film  Festival 2023 won the “Honorary Best Actress Award“,also The Prestige.Venice,Italy Septemper 2023

62. London international film festival, drama film “Dreamers”,Octomber 23 London EU
63.  CINEFESTIVAL “Dreamers” nominated November 2023 , France EU
64.Student world impact Film Festival ”  “Dreamers ” won best film,June 2023 USA 
65.International moving film festival  Dreamers” nominated December 2023, USA
66.Masterclass EMIR KUSTURICA , November 2023, Greece
68.First time FILM MAKERS  Dreamers” nominated  January 2024,USA
69.Easterseals Disability film festival Dreamers” nominated  January 2024,USA
70.Rewind International film festival award drama film “Dreamers”,March 7,2024 England 
71.Shockfest film festival award for comedy «Playing Opossum» 31 March 2024
72. Lift -off Fisr time filmaker session Dreamers” 1 April 2024


TWO WRITING AWARDS: At the age of 13, Despina  Andromeda Mirou received her “1st Prize Writing Award”, by the Literary Association of Thessaloniki, for her narrative “The broken TV” . At the age of 14 she received her “2nd Prize Poetry Diploma” from the Rodinius Poetry contest, for her poem “Like a Thursday”.

U.S CONGRESS AWARD:”Excellence in innovations”.In 2012 Despina received an award at the White House in Washington D.C from the U.S Congress “Excellence in Innovations ” for her speech about “The Historically Importance of Women in Ancient Times and Modern Women of Our Times ” that had contributed to humanity in different fields such as science (Hypatia, Maria Montessori) literature (Sapho, Anne Frank) activism (Rosa Parks) politics and many more.(See below her speechFAVORITE  STAND-UP COMEDY ACTRESS AWARD.In 2018 the audience in Los Angeles ,voted Despina Mirou as their favorite Stand -Up comedy actress and writer after competition.

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY  for the Feature film ‘UnWritten’ ,in Los Angeles 2018.

BEST  STAND-UP COMEDY ACTRESS 2019 ,an establish Stand Up comedy jury voted her as Best Stand Up comedian,since she transformed herself and impersonated  14 famous Americans in this year on stage!(Kim Kardashian,Judge Judy,Lady Gaga,Sofia Vergara,Ozzy Osbourne,,Eminem, Nancy Pelosi, Lady Gaga, Melania Trump, Penelope Cruz ,Arianna Huffington,Marilyn Monroe,Luccile Ball,Joan Crawford,Liz Taylor ! )

WOMAN SHAPING THE WORLD AWARD 2019 ,Despina invited in Washington DC to received this humanitarian award,among other important women, like Kathleen Kennedy (Robert Kennedy daughter ),Lei Lewis,Hattie Wshington,Renee Allen,Latoya Foster and more.The political forum and awards was about “Wealth”,and Despina’s speech was spiritually .Despina is member of a Homeless company 4 years now,and she donate often part of her Stand up show’s income for the homeless people.

BEST ACTRESS  AWARD  for her performance in the comedy future film ” The light touch “, on Maverick  film festival, 2020


DESPINA ANDROMEDA MIROU speech US Congress“Excellence In Innovations Award’,November 2013, Washington, USA


First of all I would like to thank you, for this honor ,inviting me to the sixteenth “Artemis Awards” in US Congress
I am coming from Greece. Birthplace of Civilization and bearer of light. (The most
beautiful country in the world). I am proud to be born Greek. I am even more proud that my heritage is from Thrace, a historical place, rich in mythology and tradition since time immemorial {Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator}
I am proud of the fact, as an actress myself ,that the union of actors “Thespians” was established after Thespis, the First Actor recorded in History ever…
Many artist made Greece proud such as:Katina Paxinou,Melina Merkouri, Irini Papa, Maria Kalas, Theoni Vachlioti, ,and greek Americans like Olympia Doukakis, Nana Mouschouri , Rita Wilson, Tina Fey, JenifferAniston, Melina Kanakarides,Maria Menounos, Nia Vardalos.
Nowadays Greece is facing one more struggle. Fighting one more unequal battle. Bothagainst others and against itself. But as always Greece will see again the light at the endof the tunnel and will embrace it.
Gentlemen and Ladies
My name is Despina. I understand that you are not familiar with my name.
In Greek Mythology “Despina” was the name of Demetra and Poseidon’s daughter (the goddess of fertility and the god of sea respectively). Despina means “Lady of the House”.. in another words the structural KEYSTONE of family. The person that managing resources ,raising and training the new life.
But of course a house is not the absolute district of a woman. A woman can be peaked within all aspects of Society as well. All that philology about “equality‐inequality” can not stand even without arguments. Let me support this theory
Scientists: (like)
Hypatia (Alexandrian Neoplatonic philosopher and mathematician),Marie Curie,
Maria Montessori,Sonya Kovalevski ,Anna Freud
Sacred Monsters of Literature: (like)
Sappho ,Jane Austen ,Apha Behn ,Anne Frank ,
Woman As Muse:
Elena Ivanovna Diakonova also known as “Gala” ,Jaquelin Roque ,Frida Calho ,
Activists (like):
Mother Teresa ,Rosa Parks ,Clara Burton ,Lucy Stone
Politicians (like):
Aspasia ,Indhira Gadhi ,Margaret Thacher ,Carol Malloney
Examples of physical and mental strength: (like)
Hellen Keller ,Anne Sullivan Macy ,Pocahontas
And many more……
And right now I am feeling that I am having the duty to refer to a modern pioneer of
women’s rights.
Of course I am talking about Mary Wallstonekraft.
She was born within the 1750’s and she was a major protester and activist of women rights. She was protesting since a very early age. The reason for that was the abuse of her mother by the hands of her father. She also hated the favoritism that her father show towards her brother. She had stated that she wanted to be nobody’s wife because she would be a possession to him. She was inspired by the French Revolution and that gave her the idea of getting involved with politics. But finally she got married to philosopher William Godwin and gave birth to Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein)
Even this great woman somehow “sacrificed” some of her solid ideals on the sacred altar of love, companionship and motherhood.
Everybody is familiar with the following saying:
“Behind every great man there is a great woman” fact a Man overshadows his every «world» with his greatness because of the light emitted from his Woman.
But…somehow under shadowy circumstances we seem to loose the role of “the woman” everyday…little by little
Did we became victims of our own self?
Pursuing carriers and dedicating very little time to our families. Within the vertiginous
evolution of our society due to financial and social requirements, woman only wanted to contribute. But she exposed herself to different challenges and found herself in a constantly defensive standing within hostile environments (sexism ,sexual discriminations, violence etc) . Did woman lost her faith into her biological mission?
How did she turned so…busy?
Finally, let us settle to a totally logical conclusion. The primordial truth of nature that
defines no “equality” what so ever.
How can we..? on what power or authority even responsibility to negotiate the
primordial definition of Nature which obviously dictates that we ,Women and Men are just point five (0.5) and zero point five that together makes ONE. Two equal parts in significance that redound Unity from which emanates all the future existence of our species.

Despina Andromeda Mirou  speech “Woman Of  The Year Award” ,8 March 2020 ,Los Angeles ,USA

Thank you very much for this award!I want to say THANK YOU to all the women,starting from my mother Anastasia,my tween female sister Vasiliki,my twins female nieces Stella and Anastasia.I m glad because I am an American citizen,Also, I am very proud because I am from Greece.I want to offer this award to my birthplace city Soufli,especially, in Thrace.This is my area,which is very famous for  Spartacus and many big fighters that they were from there. Nowadays Greece ,and Thrace faced another big battle with Turkey.I always have in my life big female figures as my a big female fighter her name is Bouboulina Laskarina. She was a first female captain and big fighter , she owns her army, and she won in the revolution 200 years ago.This woman always was very important for me, because she is the example that the women can be fighters and especially when we have to fight about freedom and about the love about our own country.Thank you for you recognized my humanitarian mission , as a member of the Amnesty International,as we helped refugees and especially women and children  around the word,and as a member of PATH ,People Assist The Homeless too,So,I want to offer as an honor this award to many activist and humanitarian women. I m not only an actress, I think that I can use my acting part to bring messages to the people around the world. I do not care only to made jokes like a Stand Up comedian, my point is how can I make a better world! So, I offer my honor with this award to these important activist women that they change the history of the planet, like:Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Mother Teressa, Indira Gandhi. Bravo to her great granddaughter (to her):”Bravo that you continue to make proud India,and Indian women.”Talking about nowadays there are two women that inspired me in my work:Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres.I want to close with this line that I wrote some time ago:A strong woman stands up for herself,but a stronger woman stands up for others.

Despina’s speech “Woman Shaping The World Award”, November 2019,Washington,DC,USA

Thank you for the honor to be here tonight,and thank you for this award.First of all to be wealthy outside,we need to become wealthy inside.Wealthy of the inside,as Deunov  (his professor  was Einstein) explain to us how to do this,is ” to have the heart clear as a crystal,the mind bright as the sun,the soul boundless as the universe,and the spirit powerful and connected with the universe”!

Wealth for me means to be rich emotionally,spiritually-rich spirit,wealth is to be healthy,Wealth is to have good feelings about life,have a rich mind of pure thought,rich heart full of clear love,
The key of the  wealthness ,are the amazing virtues of Generosity and of Gratefulness .Once you became wealthy you have to help people ,otherwise  you are poor in the heart,and millionaire in the bank.Thats why gratefulness goes together, hand by hand with the generosity.Remember they are many wealthy people ,but they are active like poor.
In this awards today “Woman Shaping The World”,we this virtues we can shaping the world.Means to find solutions to some of the worlds most pressing problems.Means to help homeless,help children & children hospitals,make human settlements safe,actions about water managment,forests innovation,modern energy ways,action to climate change,invest money for good purpose.
Remember the universe just loan to as money.They are never “ours”!The happiness & love around the world,is the deeper meaning of the wealth.This is the key that  unlock all the universe!
At the end ,I want to say that I am very proud  & happy that I became American citizen,thank you very much,god bless America!