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Interview  Magic Image Hollywood magazine L.A. Despina MIROU OSCARS 2022 issue & Cover DESPINA MIROU the Genius, talented and sexy actress: After Ridley Scott, she hit Cannes festival 2022 with David Cronenberg!!! MINDS USA,May 2022
FOXnews Despina Mirou inaugurates the exhibition of the legendary Pink Floyd in Los Angeles ,January 2022  Fox news FRONT IMAGE NEW YORK magazine , USA September 2022 Leagues America magazine , 6 April 2022 MINDS,USA 2021 Famous USA,2021 Leonard Cohen Despina Mirou as Sophia Loren,2020,Finland Europe VIVA GLAM magazine USA 2018 HOLLYWOOD DIGEST Magazine,Hollywood, U.S,May 2020  Despina Mirou at the LA Italia Opening Night, TCL Hollywood, 2018  English Kinorium Despina Mirou tribute,2019,London  Decine Despina Mirou,Espana,Spain 2017   Ivi.TV Despina Mirou,Russia 2017  Film.Ru Despina Mirou,Europe 2016